Reporting live for Euronews, 2021

A Dutch court said the curfew should be lifted, while the government scrambled to keep it in place while it appeals the decision. On 16 and 17 February, 2021 I reported live for Euronews on the latest developments.

Refugee trail

Following migrants from Thessaloniki to Calais

In the summer of 2015, I travelled 3,000 km, across Europe from eastern Greece to the northernmost part of France.  I made the same journey as tens of thousands of refugees who along the way the way shared their hopes, dreams and fears.

Business bulletin on France 24

Fernande presenting

After four years in the Middle East I moved to Paris, where I was asked to become a business presenter. I wrote, produced and presented the business show regularly. Here a few clips.

Business bulletin on France 24

Fernande presenting the business bulletin (2)

Another bulletin.


Roumieh prison

A report from Roumieh prison, one of the most renowned islamist prisons in the world.

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